What is Fanclub?
Fanclub enables content creators to monetise their professional and lifestyle photos and videos. This makes it easy for influencers to get paid for doing what they enjoy.

Influencers - Content creators

Fanclub is the perfect way for you as an influencers to earn money for the content that you are already creating everyday, this can be videos, pictures, songs and even gaming stream highlights. Fans will be able to subscribe for a few dollars a month that gives them unlimited access to your content. You get paid every week upon request so there’s no waiting around for monthly payments, you decide when you want to withdraw.


Fanclub is a great place to come and enjoy interacting with and supporting your favourite influencer, subscribe monthly to their account to gain unlimited access to exclusive content that can only be seen here on Fanclub. You’re in control of your subscription, you can continue to let your subscription continue each month to stay up to date with your influencer’s activities or cancel before the month is over


Becoming a Fanclub influencer couldn't be easier! Simply email us on join@fanclub.com with a link to your Instagram and Facebook pages - once approved (usually within a few hours) you will have your own Fanclub page taking in monthly subscriptions from your followers, giving them exclusive access to your latest pictures and videos.

Our simple uploader app and site gives you the flexibility to post your selfies or professional video shoots in real-time or scheduled, giving your followers all the best content at any time of day.

Use the following slider to get an idea of how much you could be earning per month from your social media followers:


You could earn between $ and $ per month

Based an estimate of 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing to your fanclub page on a monhtly subscription fee of $9.99