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The fun of having a dog, as well as creating understanding of service animal public access issues!

Let me ask you 5 quick questions to get you started!

Are you confident...your employees are properly educated in how to interact with someone with a service dog...because a mere misstep on their part can potentially cost you $$$ with a discrimination lawsuit. (Don't be a lawsuit statistic!)

Are you frustrated...with people bringing their "pets" into your place of business and stating they are "service dogs" just to gain entry?

Do you question...what specific tasks service dogs are trained to do for "visible" and "invisible" disabilities, and if the service dog is even legitimate?

Would you like...to know what constitutes denying a service dog into your business...because you have rights too!

Are you thinking...“I don’t have to worry…I’ll never see a service dog in my business.” Think again...one out of every 5 adults today (per the 2010 U.S. Census) has a disability of some degree. Not all will require or desire a service dog, but the demand for trained service dogs has increased dramatically the past few years to assist children and adults with daily tasks.

An Individual with a Disability is a Person Who...Has physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

"Major life activities" include functions such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working.

We'll help you... sort out fact from fiction regarding this unique "partnership" so that your staff will understand the proper protocol in welcoming a service dog "team" into your business, thus eliminating the possibility of a costly discrimination lawsuit. We'll even give you pointers on how to expose those individuals who continue to push the envelope in terms of bringing their personal pets into your business and falsely claiming "it's a service dog."

Currently, there are numerous dogs being trained for "invisible" disabilities. That is creating a challenge for employees to determine the legitimate service dogs from the bogus. Click here to learn more....

Did you know service dogs...

...are not "pets" and federal and local laws protect their access ...can be large or small, and not all are "purebred" ...are sometimes "rescue" dogs ...are not "comfort" animals, "therapy" dogs or "program assistance" dogs ...and finally... drum roll...can be a miniature horse!!!!!!

Disclaimer: We are providers of technical information regarding service animals as they relate to federal and state laws, and do not give legal advice. It is always recommended you seek legal counsel for any specific issues that may arise.